Bonus Episode- Joe has Monkey Virus

The Dads have been traveling- some for work, some for fun- and have been caught up in the nuances of life. That means, we weren't able to tape a full episode this week. We only had a short time together and Ebola Joe wasn't making it easier. Enjoy and have fun. More to come next week. Bonus don't get to hear us review Sharknado. 

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Episode 23- Don't Touch the Face or Tail

The Dads enjoy Fathers (Father's?) Day by going on a certified #DisasterDadRant. Well, not really a rant, but we've had a lot on our minds and decided to talk about it. Podcast therapy. Or something like that. Join us as we chat about the Grenfell Tower fire and the active shooter incident at the GOP baseball practice in Alexandria, VA. We try to bring it up a bit with a recap of our excellent day of Fatherly recognition. 

Episode 22- Hunter of Hurricanes

This week the Dads hear from Rob on his parenting adventure as he took his oldest to visit the Hurricane Hunters. We have a hurricane season to start preparing for, so why not chat about the planes, tech, and pilots that get us the info we need to stay safe. Bonus plug- if you live in a hurricane zone, get your stuff together and be prepared. 

Episode 20- Swim Sideways

With 71% of the planet covered in water (science), learning to swim is an important skill for children of all ages. Even if you aren't near an ocean, there is always an opportunity to go chasing waterfalls and not sticking to the lakes and rivers you are used to. From what you can teach in the bathtub to lessons at the pool, The Dads discuss ways to make sure everyone has a chance to enjoy some liquid fun. 

From Disaster Dad Dan: Dive in with the dads while we get our feet wet on water safety.  Don't get caught in a rip tide this summer without thinking through water safety with the kiddos.  Treading water on a topic this important and you may find yourself in the deep end of the pool without a life jacket ... I'll let myself out. 

Notes from the chat

The American Red Cross has some great info:
The U.S. Coast Guard Search and Rescue page:
Pro tip; Email is not the preferred method for contacting the Coast Guard for emergencies at this time. You're not ordering a pizza, folks. Sober up.

Episode 18- Twister or RIP Bill Paxton

The Dads reach back to the late 20th Century to review the classic disaster flick with AWESOME graphics....Twister! The Dads have always wanted to watch this flick, but we really wanted to honor the life and times of a great, Bill Paxton. You were never a Pullman to us and thanks for the great films. 

Also, we talk about disaster prep. Sort of. Enjoy! 

Episode 17- All We Know About Tornadoes

This week, the Dads are a little light because of travel, babies and day jobs. But, that won't stop them from talking about Tornadoes and sharing what they know. Spoiler alert: it's not as much as you'd think. But the Dads had fun and hope you'll join us. 

Episode 16- New Disaster Welcomed by the Dads

In this episode, the Dads congratulate Disaster Joe on the new addition to his family. One was fun, two is....a second baby. The Dads catch up on the Oscars and give their picks for best overall confusing look. They finish up with Disaster Erik lamenting his impending death and all around Debbie Downer attitude. 

Episode 14- The Accidental Tourist


The Accidental Tourist - Situational awareness. Knowing the geography. Having a plan. All of this becomes more difficult when you're traveling, especially when you don't know the language. The Dads bring in an expert to talk about all of this: their buddy Jae. He's a former firefighter buddy. He doesn't have kids but he is a security officer with the UN mission in Kabul, Afghanistan. Which may be as challenging as traveling with a two year old. Tough call. 


Episode 12- Large Crowds and Other Randomness

Outdoor preparedness, thinking about large crowds: The Dads discuss how to be prepared for hikes with kids, including how Rob braved the wilderness with the most dangerous animal imaginable - two kids! The dads also give tips on surviving at big events like the presidential inauguration and the million women march.  Plus, Frank briefs the Dads on a pleasant return flight from Hawaii where nothing happened ... other than a diabetic emergency and a stroke (in the same row)!

Episode 10- Safe Winter Wonderland

The weather outside is frightful, but the conversation is so delightful! And since you've got no place to go...might as well listen to the Dads discuss winter weather emergencies and home front preparedness. Listen to Dan and Joe both fall off the recording, Rob discussing the finer points of living room camping, Frank sharing his tips to preparing an outside faucet for winter, and Erik learning the importance of Calcium Chloride.

Bonus, when you join us for emergency preparedness you also get to go down the rabbit hole of excellent movies from the late '80's. Remember, it's not the Christmas until Hans Gruber falls from Nakatomi Tower. 


Episode 9- Disaster Gifts

Get yo' gift on! Today's episode has some helpful gift ideas from the Dads, for the Dads in your life.  Topics include bear fights, battlefield medicine, the importance of owning multiple Leatherman tools, puppy pads, Christmas trees, and, as always, the importance of grommets.  

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The gift list:

Episode 8- Thanksgiving Safety

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a full belly! In this episode the Dads talk about safety with family and friends as you plan to celebrate Thanksgiving. The knives may be dull in the house, but the Dads are sharp as ever! Listen for the Dads to endorse their official side of the Thanksgiving meal. Enjoy and be safe this Thanksgiving! 


Episode 7- Election Tangent

Happy Election Day, Disaster Dad Nation! Thanks to some scheduling SNAFUs and a 7 game World Series, the Dads (minus Frank) gather via Skype to talk about the biggest disaster in the news: the election. Topics include Dan ranting about national polls vs electoral college, Joe's distrust of polls in general, and Disaster Dad's official endorsement against informal vote "monitoring."

Episode 6- Space Weather

Set your phasers to FUN! The dads get their geek on with two special guests to talk about how space weather could impact the electrical grid. Other topics include the use of aluminum foil as personal protective equipment, the technical specs on a No. 2 pencil, and Erik's love of the short lived show "Revolution" and that Star Trek movie where they needed to go get the whale and bring it to the future because aliens. Also, Rob speaks!!!

Notes from the chat

Talk to your kids:

The Science:

The Academics:

Special Guests

We were lucky to be joined by two special guests who were classmates of Disaster Dad Erik at Georgetown. 

Denny- An Emergency Operations Program Manager at a nuclear power plan, is responsible for dealing with the fire/EMS/security issues associated with the plant along with any radiological incidents or plant failure. In this role, Denny is concerned about extraterrestrial weather and the impact it can have on the power grid and distribution of electricity. 

Jason- A meteorologist that began his career as a forecaster in the US Air Force, providing terrestrial and space weather support to forces all around the world from Europe to Southeast Asia. Jason now forecasts within the National Weather Service, and serves as an Incident Meteorologist that deploys to disaster incidents anywhere in the country (mainly wildfires) in order to provide on-site weather support to Incident Management Teams. Jason also volunteers at his county's Office of Emergency Management. He recently expanded his knowledge-base in emergency management by completing a master's degree in Georgetown University's Emergency and Disaster Management program.