Episode 20- Swim Sideways

With 71% of the planet covered in water (science), learning to swim is an important skill for children of all ages. Even if you aren't near an ocean, there is always an opportunity to go chasing waterfalls and not sticking to the lakes and rivers you are used to. From what you can teach in the bathtub to lessons at the pool, The Dads discuss ways to make sure everyone has a chance to enjoy some liquid fun. 

From Disaster Dad Dan: Dive in with the dads while we get our feet wet on water safety.  Don't get caught in a rip tide this summer without thinking through water safety with the kiddos.  Treading water on a topic this important and you may find yourself in the deep end of the pool without a life jacket ... I'll let myself out. 

Notes from the chat

The American Red Cross has some great info:
The U.S. Coast Guard Search and Rescue page:
Pro tip; Email is not the preferred method for contacting the Coast Guard for emergencies at this time. You're not ordering a pizza, folks. Sober up.