We panic so you don't have to


What are the Disaster Dads?

Disasters come in many forms and can strike at any moment.  From a well forecast snow flurry turning your neighborhood into a winter playground, your car deciding to take a day off, or your child reenacting the Chernobyl incident in a restaurant, at a wedding, funeral, or presidential inauguration. 

All disasters are local and personal if you’re there. Your preparation will determine how long and how painful the disaster will be. 

The Disaster Dads are former volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) with over 60 years cumulative experience.

This real world experience and training has helped shape how they approach parenting, marriage, and preparedness. At the same time, the Dads have a variety of day jobs and are also, you know, dads. The skills and lessons learned serving their communities help to guide their daily lives and particularly their roles as Dads.  

Join the Dads as they discuss how to prepare for emergencies in their community and share ways that you can set yourself up for success when then next storm, diaper explosion, or commuting catastrophe strikes. 

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