Episode 45- Smart Phone Kids

Well, hello. It's nice that you've been thinking of us. Yes. We know...we've been thinking of you too. What have we been doing? That's hard to say...when's the last time we talked? Yeah. I can't remember either. But it's ok. You are the kind of friends we can just start chatting with again like no time has gone by. 

Oh...we also decided to talk about smart phone education for you kids and when should you start it. Specifically, if you don't have a landline, make sure your kids know how to use a smart phone to call someone. 

Episode 44- Alternate Appliance Plans

Hey Disaster Dad family! 

This summer is full of travel (work and family), so we are having a haphazard recording schedule with the Dads. We appreciate your patience and hope you stick with us. 

This week we had plans to discuss the importance of alternate plans, but then Disaster Joe went on a rant about appliances. Luckily, he highlighted the need to have alternate plans for appliance shopping as well. 

Make sure to give the #SummerOfDad a go and let us know what's going on. 

Episode 41- Fire Camp for Girls

You read that right! This week, the Dads had the great privilege to chat with two of Arlington County Fire Department's amazing Officers; Captain Sarah and Lieutenant Cheryl. We heard about Camp Heat, a great summer camp that the ACFD puts on for girls ages 15-18 and with 7 daughters in the Disaster Dad family, we wanted to chat about it. I mean, how couldn't we....a free summer camp that involves fire? A no brainer. 

We really appreciated the time that Sarah and Cheryl took out of their evening to discuss the camp and that they put up with our shenanigans. If your household has a young girl that may be interested in the fire service....you can't go wrong with a fun summer camp. 

Episode 40- Get SMART

This episode, the Dads were thrilled, and honored, to chat with Sarah from the Vienna Chapter of Moms Demand Action. Sarah is an instructor for the Be SMART program and she shared the history of the program, who the target audience is (spoiler alert: It's for everyone!), and how you can get involved if you want to. Whether you grew up around guns or have never handled a firearm, the Be SMART program is a great way to prime a conversation about gun safety.  Also, they have Melissa Joan Hart as a spokesperson...what more do you need to get involved!?!

Episode 39- Get Your Shots

First: If you haven't gotten a flu shot...GET ONE! 

Second: Disaster Dan was awesomer than usual and had the brilliant that we should ask a smart person about the flu and how it impacts our kids (and the rest of us). So, we got to chat with Dr. Crystal Sparling, MD, MPH, FAAP. She's a pediatrician at Scissortail Pediatrics in Blanchard, OK. She's awesome and was very patient with the questions that Disaster Joe had. Listen to the episode, ask your pediatrician questions, and GET YOUR FLU SHOT. 

Episode 35- Lampoon Deductible

This episode, the Dads review the second greatest Christmas movie on the market and look at it from the perspective of insurance and what Clark's bonus check really would have gone to. We were happy to welcome Disaster Joe back and appreciated his input. We also issue the #BlessingChallenge and we'd love to hear your stories and how your blessing went over. 

Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goon

The Before

The Before

The After

The After

Episode 33- News and Reports

Or report and news. Either way is a valid answer. This episode, Disaster Erik forgot to organize a theme, so he spitballed and asked everyone to bring a book report. Disaster Robin got a pass because he could talk #Astros and that was ok. We chat about the life skills learned from Calvin and Hobbes, how the man who designed awesome trains also worked on Sky Lab, and the benefit of a "go home" back. Listen and enjoy. Also, validate our existence by giving us your favorite rating. 

Episode 32- It's a Marathon, not a Sprint

In this episode, the Dads have grand plans to discuss the Great Shakeout and use Disaster Erik's recent quinquennial physical as a reminder to take your health seriously. In typical Disaster Dad fashion, we were easily derailed and ended up talking about our days working the Marine Corps Marathon and when we should let our kids watch the formative movies of our youth. Worth listening to until the end. The very end. 

Episode 31- Beards and Knowledge

Following the domestic terrorist attack in Las Vegas, the Dads have grand plans to discuss how to talk to our kids about these attacks, but we easily (predictably?) go off on a tangent. We still have a great conversation, just not about what we planned to discuss. We round out the chat with an armchair review of the recent #Army10Miler and how it became the #ArmyFunRun. We were missing Disaster Joe, but that meant we were 100% beard strong. 

Episode 30- You Plan, I Plan, We All Plan For Disaster

WELCOME TO SEASON 2! That's right, you survived season one because you excellent preparedness skills, get ready for season two...the Toddler Years! We've been walking, asking "What's this?", and generally annoying our older siblings...time to take it to the next level! 

We welcome the newest member to the Disaster Dads, Robin! He's always been here, but now it's official. This way Joe can talk even less. BUT, not until after this episode that he put together for an after action report on National Preparedness Month. Grab your favorite lovey, this episode is good! 

Let's Talk About Harvey

This episode, The Dads are honored to be joined by two very special guests. Friend of The Dads, and really one of The Dads, Robin returns to the family table and was able to bring a VERY special friend with him, Michael Walter, the Public Information Officer for the Houston Office of Emergency Management. They shared what it was like for them during Hurricane Harvey and how their personal emergency plans played out while their professional plans were in overdrive. The Dads were grateful to have the opportunity for this chat and wish Robin and Michael, as well of the rest of Houston, a speedy recovery. Visit HoustonRecovers.org to find out what you can do to help. 

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Episode 28- Watts Up with Generators

4/5s of the Dads gather to finally do the long threatened generators episode! This week the Dads take a first look at all the toys you need ... I mean, some tips when you're thinking about using a generator. Topics include how to estimate your power needs, where to put the generator, and how to get the power from the generator to your appliances. 

Episode 27- They Grow Up So Fast

We have the gang back together again! Travel hasn't stopped, but it's pretty nice to have the full Disaster team in one place to celebrate our Podiversary! We can't believe how fast we grew up, or at least appeared to grow up. But we need to talk about the kids. Always the kids. So for that, we chat about when they go to school and the process/steps/issues associated with that. Enjoy the banter and listen to us babble on about many things unrelated to school. And Happy #DisasterDadDay

Notes from the chat

Situational Awareness

Episode 26- Disaster GrandBob

This week 4/5 of the Disaster Dads are on travel and of those, only one has access to the internet. Guys....Summer travel is hard. But, we are extremely lucky that Disaster Rob was able to sweet talk Disaster GrandBob to join us! Our pre-taping chat went down a road of family travel in the 80's versus family travel now. And GrandBob was part of the Disaster Rob Disney Delight earlier this year, so he is our SME on comparative travel! This was a fun episode and excited to share with the Disaster Dad family! Enjoy!